Garyfallia Oroklou

Beauty everywhere!​

Garyfallia Oroklou has been offering knowledge, talent and joy for 25 years now to all the women she has been caring for. Being a hair and make up artist, she is a kind woman with a high level of taste, aesthetics and of exquisite talent in her field. The exceptional haircuts and hairstyles she creates remain unforgettable to every woman who selects her. Besides, it is known that hair is a key factor to a person’s appearance.

Her approach is always based on a fine result, with details that make women stand out with discretion and style, since she is very well aware that beauty is a personal issue and it is not only a gift of nature but also a matter of personality.

She loves simple lines and sophisticated simplicity. She has been influenced by the famous beauty artist Karolos Kampelopoulos, while Maria Callas, Brigitte Bardot and Monica Bellucci are, each one for a different reason, the women that embody pure beauty for Garyfallia.

Fashion, theater, television, editorials as well as political figures and brides have been and still are her loyal appointments. Garyfallia is a woman who knows how to respect the personal space and time of each woman and their deepest desires. Maybe it is not incidental that she decided to study Social Anthropology and History in 2018, taking by surprise her friends and colleagues. It is because she always focuses on people. As far as she is concerned, a person’s external and internal glow is her first priority. She works miracles.